Megan is a Kavli Fellow!

Megan has been invited to become a Kavli Fellow of the US National Academy of Sciences.  Megan will present her research at the Korean-American Kavli Fronteirs of Science Symposium on June 16th in Jeju, Korea.

QCB and Molecular Biology Class Day

Patrick, Bohao, and Joseph graduate!  All three completed senior thesis projects in the McClean lab and received the QCB certificate.  Bohao’s thesis won the Molecular Biology Award for Excellence in Senior Thesis Research and the QCB Best Senior …

Natalia’s paper is out!

Natalia Petrenko’s paper “Noise and interlocking signaling pathways promote distinct transcription factor dynamics in response to different stresses” is available online at Molecular Biology of the Cell!   Congratulations Natalia!

Agnes’ paper is out

Agnes Miermont’s paper “Severe osmotic compression triggers a slowdown of intracellular signaling, which can be explained by molecular crowding” is available online at PNAS ! Congratulations Agnes!

NJEN Poster and Pitch Contest

Michael Patel presented a poster entitled “Optogenetic Protein Induction System and a Robotic Bioreactor Device Used to Control Protein Levels within a Population of Cells” at the NJEN (New Jersey Entrepreneurial Network) Poster Session and …

Jove Filming

Megan McClean and Scott McIsaac were in front of the camera to film “Visualization and analysis of mRNA molecules using fluorescence in situ hybridization in Saccharomyces cerevisiae” for the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JOVE).  Look for the article …

Biotech2012 Innovation Corridor

The McClean lab’s optogenetic technology won a “Technology Recognition” award in the Innovation Corridor at Biotech2012 in Philadelphia.  The title of the presentation was “Optogenetic protein induction system and a robotic bioreactor device used to …

Stressed out!

Megan gave a platform presentation entitled “Transcription factor localization dynamics govern the transcriptional response to environmental changes” in the “Stressed Out” session at the Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology Meeting.